Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Prequel

Starting January 4th through some unknown date in September, I will be living my bland and boring lifestyle in the cold and bitter European city of Berlin. If by some happenstance or strange occurence you feel compelled to entertain yourself by reading my excruciating and unbearable blog, be my guest - it is not I who will suffer the tramas of reader-induced narcolepsy, nor will I feel bad if this happens to you. So cheers to you, the reader out there in your comfortable study or rocking chair on your front porch who will gladly tune-in weekly to my mundane and entirely unimportant channels of thought... to that, I salute your cause. Unfortunately, I can't promise I'll always be this sarcastic or hopefully comical in the near future, but as a tribute to the great Hank Moody, I thought it only appropriate to start off in this style as I knowningly begin my contribution to the death of the english language. See you again in January.

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